Thomas Belesis is a Very Busy Man


Keeping himself busy. This is definitely what people can describe Thomas Belesis right now. Belesis has kept himself with so many things to do in the past year and that has not change this year. Belesis made it a point that his time is occupied with things that can improve his knowledge and skills in the world of finances as well as in other things. One of Belesis’ current engagements is with the New York Institute of Energy and Water.

New York Institute of Energy and Water is a university located in the United Nations Headquarters and is one of the top schools that aim to create a new paradigm for sustainable development through energy, water, and environment conservation. With this academic institution, Belesis would serve as part of the Board of Trustees. Belesis’ involvement with this institution was announced just this year. As part of the executive board, Belesis would help in addressing the three main crises that are experienced by the people of today. These are the lack of supply in water, food, and energy in the world.

Thomas Belesis was also involved in the same endeavour a few years back when his company sponsored the World Energy Forum for last year. He has also been serving as Executive Board Member in the Board of Directors of the World Energy Forum since 2009. Belesis is also a regular in collaborating with different global leaders when it comes to global environmental issues. Another engagement that Belesis that he is still involved is with the United Nations Global Millennium Development Goal where he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. This organization is focused in raising money from the private sector to be able to support the eight specific UN millennium development goals.

Thomas Belesis is the owner of John Thomas Financial, an independent

Texas Allied Petroleum: Properly Addressing The Natural Gas And Oil Demands Of The Country

The Texas Allied Petroleum or TAP is located in Austin, Texas and is a company that involves themselves with the endeavors of oil production and extraction. Today, the company is engaged with the development, exploration as well as production of oil and natural gas reservoirs which all can be found in the premises of the Texas Gulf Coast. The company is quite gathering popularity because of its active presence in the scene and is seen as one of the top competitors within the natural gas and oil industry. They are committed with the provision of quality products and services as they consider these factors as their number one priority. In the year 2005 of November, the said company has launched their business and from what the people have seen of their achievements so far, the company has no intentions of stopping their operations any time soon.

The Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc. is currently, extracting out in excess of 500,000 cubic feet of natural gas and oil every 24 hours and has just recently took part with the testing and drilling of a Deep well in Coffee County, Kansas that is a 2,200 feet deep under. Last year of February 2010, the TAP Company has just finished with the drilling and screening of a certain well that is known as the Wilson or Todd. Also, TAP within the same span of time, has also been able to buy a 300 acre fossil gas and oil lease within the Henry Crooks Field of the Lavaca County in Texas. The said company also has announced they have numerous plans for their projects regarding with the development and testing of up to 4 wells located somewhere within the Yegua Sand. Also, TAP was involved with the completion of the project referred to as the “Neuman #1” which is a 10,000 feet deep well that is located within the Liberty County of Texas.

Professional Shop Fitters

Where do you look for such a shop fitter? Traditionally, you might have found companies through trade magazines, word of mouth or possibly in a telephone directory. Today, with widespread use of the internet, it has become even easier to search for information and companies relating to all areas of shop fitting.


This has led to an increase in awareness in terms of different shop fitting company’s strengths and weaknesses and what they have to offer your company. Although there will be companies offering you all kinds of amazing deals, finding one you feel able to trust and leave your shop fitting needs in their london shopfitters hands is not always that simple. It can be especially difficult online because you are not face to face with the company you are dealing with.


Counterfit are able you the best of both worlds. With an excellent online presence you can browse through the detailed catalogue of shop fittings on offer, in order to find the one that suits your needs exactly. However, if you do want to speak to a staff member in person or arrange a meeting, you can do so via the enquires section on the website.