Anti-lomo: Because film photography is not Lomography

Why Anti Lomo? Because we are sick of people associating film photography with Lomography. Lomography is a style of photography that uses old film cameras that are generally of extremely poor quality and overpriced by the great demon that is the LSI.

Why film? Because we still feel it is better than digital. There is emotion, feeling, depth and texture to a good film image that is just not there in a digital shot. Plus, we compose and calculate our exposure with our minds and eyes before the shot is taken; not with Photoshop after the image is captured.

Who are we? A group of dedicated photographers. Dedicated to advancing photography as an art form; an art form that does not require Photoshop but instead just the individual's skill, eye, heart and soul. The capture of a beautiful image can be taken in just an instant, but the making of that image could be due to years of study and learning. All done without the help of Photoshop!

Anti-digital? No, we are not anti-digital. Digital is one of the best ways to learn photography but when you get sick of "post processing" buy an old film camera and discover yourself and further discover photography.

Anti Lomography? Yes, we hate the fact that film photography seems to be reduced to crappy images produced with the mantra "Don't think, just shoot". We are totally against this doctrine, we not only think, we study, we learn, we follow and most importantly we shoot from the heart not the hip.